Bonus Lab 02 Endocrine System Physiology

Fall 2008


Due December 12, 2008

Late Assignments Will NOT be Accepted for ANY Reason

For this bonus lab activity, you should refer to Exercise 4 in your PhysioEx manual (pp. 43- 57). Be sure to read the pre-lab introduction before carrying out the activities (1 - 8).

Part 1. From the "Main Menu" select "Exercise 4: Endocrine System Physiology" from the pull-down menu (click the "Go" button after making this selection). When the "Endocrine System Physiology" page opens, click on the link to view the "BMR MEtabolism" video.

Part 2. Also on the "Endocrine System Physiology" page you will see four lab experiment links: Metabolism (Activities 1 - 4), Hormone Replacement Therapy (Activity 5), Insulin and Diabetes - Part 1 (Activity 6), Insulin and Diabetes - Part 2 (Activity 7), and Measuring Cortisol and Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (Activity 8). Carry out these activities as described in the lab manual, filling in the answers and charts where required on the pages of the lab manual. Also, any time you are asked to collect data, be sure you obtain a print out of the collected data (Use Print Data command in the Tools menu).

Part 3. Complete the Review Sheet questions on pages 59 - 61 of your lab manual (also available as a pdf file on your PhysioEX 8.0 CD-ROM.

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