Fetal Piggy Parts Disposal

I have communicated with an Environmental Safety Specialist at the UH Environmental, Health and Safety Office regarding the disposal of wastes generated from your fetal pig dissections.

According to this specialist,

"...the carosafe liquid is not a regulated environmental problem. Since they are only generating about 50-100 ml of free liquid, they can dispose of the liquid down the sanitary system. The disposal of the pig can be done through the municipal trash system. They need to make sure that there is no free liquid and the carcass needs to be completely wrapped and contained for disposal."

This opinion means that you may dispose the preserving fluid into the sanitary system (toilet is probably your best option). Solid waste may be moist, just not dripping with preserving fluids. Please wrap this solid waste in absorbant paper towels and seal it in a plastic bag and place in an appropriate solid waste receptacle.

Do not turn the waste over to your Learning Center as described in the televised presentation.

Regardless, please wear safety glasses, gloves, and a lab coat when handling preserved specimens and preserving fluid. Also do not handle specimens in food preparation areas. Keep the specimens out of the reach of children and pets.

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