Human Biology Laboratory
Important Course Information
Fall 2008

Important Course Revisions from Televised Sessions

Since the televised sessions were videotaped several years ago, there have been some important changes to the class from what may be described in the videotaped sessions. These changes are addressed below:

Use of Laulima in Place of WebCT Previously, students accessed the University of Hawai'i WebCT site for this distance-learning version of BIOL 100L to receive information about the class, find useful resources, communicate with the instructor, and take examinations. However, because WebCT will no longer be supported at the university of Hawai'i, Internet administration of courses will involve a new system, Laulima. Suffice it to say, Laulima will look different from WebCT and navigating through it will be different. Regardless, I will try to make all of the same resources available as provided with WebCT. But there will undoubtedly by some confusion as the televised lectures frequently refer to WebCT pages.

New Version of PhysioEx Since we originally videotaped the televised sessions of BIOL 100L, the PhysioEx text has been upgraded to a newer edition. For the most part, the basic operations of the exercises will be the same or very similar to what is described in the televises sessions. When there are significant discrepancies, I will explain the differences on the assignment descriptions.

Fetal Pig Dissection Kit Four of the laboratory exercises involve dissecting a preserved fetal pig at home. Previously, students purchased their kits from the UH Bookstore. These kits included the pig, dissection tools and a dissection manual. However, it will be much cheaper to purchase the kits directly from the supplier, rather than going through the UH Bookstore. Please click here for information on purchasing the kit directly from the supplier.

Internet Administration of BIOL 100L Using Laulima

This distance learning class will be administered using the UH Laulima system. I will use the course Laulima site to make general course announcements, administer exams, and provide useful resources. Please check back here later for more information regarding Laulima access.

Your UH username and password are your keys to access UH online services such as email, Internet, and registration for classes (if you were able to register for this class online, then you already have a UH username and password). If you don't have a UH username and password, please click the link " How do I get a UH username? " and follow the instructions presented.

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