Video-On-Demand (VOD) for BIOL 100L Fall 2008

If you miss one of the televised sessions, then you may have the opportunity to view it (at lower visual resolution and quality) using your Internet-connected computer via Video-On-Demand. I have pasted in the information and instructions regarding VOD below. Please read this information carefully.

Please note, because every computer is configured differently, and Internet access various, I will not be able to troubleshoot any VOD problems that you may experience. If you encounter difficulties, please follow the instructions below. Another option is to talk to your campus' IT specialist or someone with the appropriate background at your campus' Learning Center.


The VOD service is only for registered students and may not be retained for further dissemination. Students will be required to log in with their UH username and password to access the VOD. Each class session's video stream will be accessible for two (2) weeks after the first cable broadcast. However, video streams will no longer be available once the last class session of the semester has occurred. (Note Exception: Video streams will be available through finals week provided the final exam was not administered during the normal course of instruction.) VOD will not be available once the course ends. Students should check with you for other options to obtain missed class work should the two-week access expire or the course ends.

VOD is NOT an alternative delivery method for completing the course. Students are still required to view the broadcast of their cable courses on Channel 55. Distributed Learning and User Services (DLUS) will not be responsible if a student relies primarily on the video stream to complete the course.

1. The UHTV Video-On-Demand URL is:

2. Each course is password protected. Students need to click on the campus to find the BIOL 100L link.

3. Students registered in BIOL 100L (CRN 64279)) need to type in their UH username and password to access the class session.

Should your students have difficulty retrieving the videostream, please have them review the FAQ page on the website or contact,, with a detailed description of the problem.