BIOLOGY 171 General Biology I
Distance Learning Information

Televised Presentations. BIOLOGY 171 is offered as a distance learning course. The class lecture presentations are televised via cable television stations in Hawai'i. These videotaped presentations were recently upgraded and are consistent with the 9th edition of the textbook. The advantage to the televised broadcast is that you can videotape these sessions for your own viewing at a time convenient to you. You also have an opportunity to view your taped sessions as many times as you feel necessary to understand the content. There are also podcasts (mp4 or mov files) of the televised lectures available as downloads from the Lauilima site.

Laulima Access. This distance learning class will be administered using the UH Laulima online course administraion system ( I will use the course Laulima site to make general course announcments, administer quizzes and exams, and provide useful resources. It is very important that you access the Laulima site often. I recommend checking it at least twice per week. Otherwise you may miss important announcments in a timely fashion.

Difficulties. Should you have difficulties viewing the televised sessions or accessing the class Laulima site, then I urge you to contact your campus learning resource center or information technology staff to solve these issues as quickly as possible.

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This page last updated 12 January 2016.

Dave Krupp