Introduction to Biology I
Prerequisite Information

To facilitate registration in this BIOL 171 as a distance learning class, the previous prerequisite for College Chemistry and corequisite for BIOL 171L have been removed. However, the student should be advised that a solid background in Chemistry, equivalent to a year of high school Chemistry or higher, will greatly facilitate the student's success in this class. In addition, the student is highly recommended to take the companion laboratory class, BIOL 171L, concurrently with BIOL 171. The things learned during the BIOL 171L laboratory sessions will greatly reinforce what you learn in the lectures presented in BIOL 171.

Furthermore, if you intend to major in Biology or Marine Biology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, you would normally need to take CHEM 161 and BIOL 171L concurrently with BIOL 171 in order to proceed through their program in a timely manner. Otherwise, you will find that you will be delayed in proceeding through their program, taking longer than the usual four years to achieve your Bachelor's degree. Thus, while my BIOL 171 does not have any prerequisites nor corequisites, it behooves the student to be registered for CHEM 161 & BIOL 171L while enrolled in BIOL 171.

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This page last updated January 12, 2016.

Dave Krupp