General Biology II
Important Course Information
Spring 2015

Important Course Information for Televised Sessions


Version of Textbook The textbook we are using is the 10th edition. You be sure to use this edition for the class.

Homework Assignments There will not be any conventional homeworks assignments given. Think of your quizzes as being homework assignments.
BIOL 172 Lecture Outlines and Study Guides In the past, I put my lecture outlines together into a book that was sold at the bookstore. I no longer sell these outlines in the bookstore. Instead, I will provide individual downloadable pdf files for each lecture presentation on the class Laulima site. Since I write many of my quiz and exam questions from these outlines, it would be extremely useful to refer to them when studying!
Podcasts of Televised Sessions The televised sessions are available as podcasts (.mov files) from the course Laulima site. These are not as good video quality as the actual televised sessions. But they are useful backups to missed televised sessions.

Internet Administration of BIOL 172 Using Laulima

This distance learning class will be administered using the UH Laulima system. I will use the course Laulima site to make general course announcements, administer quizzes and exams, and provide useful resources.

When the Laulima site for BIOL 172 is active, use your Internet browser to navigate to the Laulima login portal at Login using your MyUH username and password. Then select the BIOL 172 Laulima link "BIOL-172-0 [WIN.63081.SP15]" in horizontal blue bar at the top of your Laulima homepage. Once you have accessed the BIOL 172 Laulima site, be sure to read all of the announcements posted there. These announcements will be my way of communicating important information regarding the class. NOTE: you should plan on visiting the BIOL 172 Laulima site at least twice per week to stay current with course announcements, quizzes, and the latest course resources.

Your UH username and password are your keys to access UH online services such as email, Internet, and registration for classes (if you were able to register for this class online, then you already have a UH username and password). If you don't have a UH username and password, please click the link " How do I get a UH username? " and follow the instructions presented.

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