Introduction to Biology II
Prerequisite Information

Prerequisite Information

BIOL 172 requires you to have previously enrolled in BIOL 171. But it is possible that you may encounter problems registering through the MyUH online registration system if you took BIOL 171 from a different UH campus or if your home campus is not Windward Community College. Please contact me via email ( if you are having difficulties registering for BIOL 172. Also if have not taken either BIOL 171 and you feel that you have the background needed to succeed in BIOL 172 without this prerequisite, please contact me to request a possible prerequisite waiver.

Corequisite Information

As offered through Windward Community College (WCC), BIOL 172 does not require concurrent enrollment in the companion lab class BIOL 172L. However, I do strongly urge you to enroll in BIOL 172L while you are enrolled in BIOL 172. You may take BIOL 172L from any campus offering it. But I recommend that you take it from WCC.

Recommended Preparation

Concurrent enrollment in BIOL 172L.

In addition, you should be advised that a solid background in Chemistry, equivalent to a year of high school Chemistry or higher, will greatly facilitate your success in this class.

Finally, if you intend to major in Biology or Marine Biology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, you would normally take CHEM 161 & 162 (plus companion lab classes) concurrently with BIOL 171 and 172 in order to complete the degree in a timely fashion. CHEM 161 & 162 (plus companion lab classes), along with several higher level chemistry classes are prerequisites for other courses required for a major in Biology or Marine Biology. Putting off taking these important classes may delay your progress in achieving the degree.

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