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Note: while most of the images presented are my own, a fair number have been scanned in from

J.P. Hoover's (1999) Hawai'i's Sea Creatures: A Guide to Hawai'i's Marine Invertebrates

(Mutual Publishing).

Another useful resource may be found at Keoki and Yuko Stender's Marine Life Photography Website.

Rice Coral - Montipora capitata
Blue Rice Coral - Montipora flabellata
Spreading Coral - Montipora patula
Flat Lobe Coral - Pavona duerdeni
Corrugated Coral - Pavona varians
Crust Coral - Leptastrea pupurea
Agassiz's Coral (=Plocoid Crust Coral) - Cyphastrea agassizi (=Leptastrea bottae)
Ocellated Coral - Cyphastrea ocellina
Humpback Coral - Cycloseris vaughni
Mushroom Coral - Fungia scutaria
Lace Coral - Pocillopora damicornis
Antler Coral - Pocillopora eydouxi
Cauliflower Coral - Pocillopora meandrina
Finger Coral - Porites compressa
Lobe Coral - Porites lobata
Rus Coral - Porites rus
Orange Cup Coral - Tubastrea coccinea


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