Environmental Factors Affecting Corals and Coral Reefs



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Table of Contents

Environmental Factors Affecting Corals and Coral Reefs

Environmental Factors Correlated with Healthy Reef Coral Growth

The Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum

Photosynthetically Active Radiation

Light Absorption in the Ocean

Light Absorption in the Ocean

Light Penetration in the Ocean

Primary Productivity

PPT Slide

Measuring Primary Productivity in the Ocean

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Light-Dark Bottle Technique

Using the Oxygen Light-Dark Bottle Technique to Measuring Primary Productivity

Relationships Between Gross Production, Respiration, and Net Production

Symbols Used

Calculating GP from NP and R

Photosynthesis as a Function of Light Intensity

Photoadaptation in Corals

Colony Morphology Responses to Irradiance

Absorption of Ultraviolet Radiation by the Earth’s Atmsophere

Types of UV and Human Sunburn Responses

Effects of UV on Living Things

Corals and UV Radiation

Ultraviolet Absorbing Compounds in Corals

Effects of UV on the Coral-Zooxanthellae Symbiosis

Ozone in the Atmosphere

Maintaining Ozone Levels in the Atmosphere


Global Distribution of Coral Reefs


Global Climate Change

Other Factors


Nutrients and Algae Growth

Author: David A. Krupp

Email: krupp@hawaii.edu

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