Coral Reefs
A Comment Regarding Picture Sources

When I first began developing PowerPoint presentations for classroom presentation, I incorporated many images from a wide variety sources without documenting the sources. In some cases, images were scanned from books and magazines. Many of the scanned images came from Dave Gulko's text used for this class. Many others came from John Hoover's texts on Hawaiian marine life (see texts page for bibliographic details) which are required for the companion lab class (Biology 200L) to this class. I also used images obtained through the internet. Occassionally, I scanned in photographic slides for which no documentation was available. Many graphics and photos are my own. I am slowly adding photographer's names to photos incorporated in these PowerPoint presentations.

If in reviewing these html versions of these presentations, you see your photo or graphic and you object to its use or wish me to provide adequate credit, please let me know via e-mail and I will make the appropriate correction.

Note that these images are used purely for educational purposes, not personal financial gain. Further, the html conversion process reduces the quality of the images, often to the point of making them less desireable for extraction and use by others.

Mahalo for your understanding.

Dave Krupp

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created 29 August 2001